Peet's Coffee Roasters

Role: Director // Editor

Peet's Coffee and Tea has been a Bay Area institution since the 1960's. In fact, they pioneered the small batch, hand roasting practice that is touted nowadays by the up and coming 3rd wave coffee kids. 

As Peet's prepared for a massive national rollout, they wanted a video that encapsulated their core brand identity. This video is an authentic expression of what they do everyday: hand roast every batch of exceptional coffee, the same way it's been for over forty years.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Bay Area

Lionfish: From Predator To Plate

From Rhode Island to Venezuela, venomous lionfish are invading the Atlantic Ocean, wreaking havoc on native colonies of coral reef fish and disrupting local food chains. From high-tech robotics and deep-sea science to haute cuisine and oceanic sport, “Lionfish: From Predator to Plate” tells the story of the innovative solutions being developed to combat the spread of this invasive species, and the different communities coming together to tackle ocean restoration in innovative, and delicious, new ways.

Pizzeria Locale

Gap Holiday Mixer

Muir Glen Special Harvest