Peet's Coffee Roasters

Role: Director // Editor

Peet's Coffee and Tea has been a Bay Area institution since the 1960's. In fact, they pioneered the small batch, hand roasting practice that is touted nowadays by the up and coming 3rd wave coffee kids. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Role: Director

To support Big Brothers Big Sisters Bay Area in their recruitment drive to sign up more big brothers, I directed this piece to remind people there are no special skills needed to help change a life.

Ada's Cafe

Role: Director

Ada's Cafe is an amazing non-profit with a mission to hire, train and empower adults with disabilities through their food services business. I was honored to direct this piece for the launch of their redesigned website. 

Pizzeria Locale

Role: Director // Editor

Based in Denver, Pizzeria Locale is a pizza restaurant so committed to creating the perfect pie that they created their own dough room that is humidity and temperature controlled to be exactly the same as Naples, Italy on a normal summer day.

Gap Holiday Mixer

Role: Editor

In time Christmas, The Gap created a holiday mixer where online users could mix and match celebrity singers and actors to create their own Jingle Bells mash up. Featuring Dwight from The Office, Napoleon Dynamite, Jason Biggs, Flo Rida and The DIxie Chicks, this is one of the over forty different options that were available. 

No Comply

Role: Director // Editor

When electronic music pioneer Kraddy was ready to launch his new album, he wanted a music video that merged his love of skateboarding with his high energy live shows. Teaming up with skate pioneers Thrasher in San Francisco, we took over a warehouse creating a video featuring 6 pro skaters, 70 guests and a whole lot of bass.